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Our 2 luxurious Heritage Suites offer over 1500 square feet of living space and are the perfect getaway for families or couples. The Suites draw their décor from the rich heritage of India, with plush carpets, wall paintings and a high ceiling.

Each Suite is spread across two spacious rooms – a lounge and dining area, and a well-appointed bedroom.

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The bedroom features a king-sized bed, a 45" flat screen LED TV, a stunning view, and an intimate sitting area. It opens into a large marble bathroom with a bath tub and a spa-inspired rain shower. To allow you to entertain your colleagues, friends or family, the spacious lounge has a six-seater dining table, a six-seater sitting area, and is adorned with full-height paintings, a vanity mirror and a stunning view of the valley. The lounge also has its own washroom.

1500 sq. ft.

Complimentary high speed WiFi

2 x 46" LED HD Televisions with Satellite channels

With a 10 inch boxspring mattress

A minibar stuffed with goodies and 24x7 Room Service

3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child

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